Tuesday, November 29, 2011

146 Face Globe Knot

This is a globe knot that I tied that has 146 faces. It was tied using the same method as the 74 face globe knot, but I started with a 5 lead by 4 bight turks head to yield the 146 faces.  The core for this knot is also a golf ball.  I used braided number 1 mason's twine to tie this knot, because I had it on-hand it and it was small enough to mostly cover the golf ball when tripled.  I will say this was more difficult than the 74 face knot, and you may be better off tracking down a 144 face grid or using the resources available from knottool.com to tie these knots when they get to this size.  I made a few mistakes, including the cross into the center of the doubled turks head.  I ended up with a five bight opening in the knot which is awkward.  At that point I was in no mood to pull the whole knot apart so I left it.

These knots are fun and challenging, and I am glad I experimented with them.  They certainly teach you about tightening knots as tightening seems to be the most difficult part of globe knots, at least for me.  I also learned a new camera technique, using a timer to take my pictures with relatively low light.  I have a few other things in the works, so this will be the last of the globes for a little while unless I get inspired to do something very large or someone asks about them.


MrJase said...
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MrJase said...

Dude beautiful globe knot =)

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