Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Multi-tool lanyard

I recently pickup up this Leatherman Freestyle CX as a daily deal on Woot.com. Despite the fact that it really only has a pair of pliers and a knife, it was a really good deal. I most often carry a larger Leatherman on my belt, but I thought this might be a good compromise when I am traveling light. To it I added a lanyard made using a 4 strand round sinnet/braid. There was no lanyard loop included with the tool, but I was able to fish a piece of paracord through a hole near the bottom. I started off using directions from the Creative Ropecraft book by Stuart Grainger for the sinnet. Those directions worked okay. After poking around the web I found that JD of Tying it All Together (TIAT) had a YouTube video where he simplified the instructions for tying the braid. So I re-tied the sinnet using JD's instructions. JD's method was very clear and simple- Just make sure you establish the pattern when making the crosses and stick to it. I then tied a 3 lead by 2 bight turks head at each end of the sinnet to hold then ends together. This turks head is a common start for a 5 lead by 4 bight turks head, and is one way to cover a thin item such as a narrow lanyard. I like the fact that it is a very simple lanyard for a simple multi-tool.


smet337 said...

Hey whats up? I'am new to tying and new to your site. I love your work. I was wanting to know what size cord you used on your turks? I was also wondering how do you terminate your working end and standing end so that they do not come loose and are hidden? Thank you for your time and knowledge. Scot

smet337 said...

Hi, I'am new to tying and your site.I love your work and wondering on the leather-man lanyard with the braid how do you terminate your turk head working end and standing end so that it will not come loose and not be seen? Thank you for your time and knowledge. Scot

curchin said...

Hi Scot: Thanks for stopping by. I estimate the turks head cord size is around 2.2mm or so. This particular cord is not packaged by diameter. As far as the ends, I tie the turks heads reasonably tight (a little more than snug). I generally don't crank on the ends because that can destort the knot. I cut the ends with a sharp knife as close as I can get them (be careful), and then take the tip of the knife and tuck the remaining fuzz under the adjacent strands. For TH's I don't melt the ends because the knot usually holds it self together well and melting sometimes does more harm than good. Good luck.

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