Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rope Wreath

I hope the holiday season finds you well. I took the grommet I made last month and up-scaled it to make this wreath.  I started with a rope core, and then utilized the same technique I applied to make the grommet last month, only (obviously) much larger. There are a couple strands of wire fished through the back to give it some extra stiffness. For this version, there are two strands of 1/2" manila rope about 40 feet long that make the covering. It's about 18 inches in diameter. I also made a few smaller wreaths for neighbor gifts. Let's just hope my wreath hook holds because it's quite stout.


Shantorious said...

Was this 2 strands 40 feet each or 40 feet together, Thank You

curchin said...

For this wreath it was indeed 2 strands with 40 feet each. I did a smaller version as Christmas gifts this year- The smaller version was about 14 inches in diameter and used 2 stands with 25 feet each. Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

Hi Curchin next time can you post pictures of the process thanks

Anonymous said...

We are trying to replicate thew death for our annual craft night. My husband is having cheapening. Can you gibe some pointer.

We are craft challenged!

Colleen said...

We are trying to make this wreath for a Christmas craft night/ Is it different than the grommet? Do you have any tips?


Colleen said...

Hi, Can you provide a bit more detail. My husband is trying to make one for a craft night. Is it identical to the grommet

curchin said...

Hello all:

Some suggestions for those of you attempting to make a wreath like this. First and foremost, it takes some patience. Last Christmas I made about a dozen of them and I still managed to get lost at times.

I'd also suggest trying a miniature version first, essentially what is shown in the grommet tutorial- Get a small steel ring (say 1 1/2" diameter) at a hardware store and two colors of string (paracord or something similar, about 1/8" diameter cord). The steel ring will be easier to work with because it's rigid. The rope version requires a bit of man handling, but if you can grasp the concept at a small scale it will be much easier to follow.

If you get the the full size wreath, I'd suggest making one a little smaller than what is shown in the picture. The one I make most often is about 14 inches in diameter. I use 3 pieces of rope- The core is made from a 15 foot piece of rope coiled 4 times. The wraps are both about 26 or 27 feet (I'd suggest going a little long for your first try - nothing worse than running out of rope!). The actual knot exactly follows the tutorial shown in the grommet post- 5 passes, twice around, and then interweave the opposite piece of rope. I use zip ties as temporary holds to keep things together. I can make one in about an hour, but I would anticipate your first attempt taking at least twice that.

I guess I ought to get a video together at some point. Unfortunately I am pressed for time. Hopefully next year! Merry Christmas to all! Ethan aka CUrchin

Anonymous said...

Any more directions for this wreath? Thx

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