Sunday, May 16, 2010

Turks Head Knife

I use a paring knife to cut string when I am knotting.  If find a paring knife useful for getting in close to make a final cut at the end of a tie.  Instead of constantly raiding the kitchen drawers, I bought a knife to use specifically for knot work.  Of course, I couldn't just leave it plain.  The handle is a turks head tied with 4 stands which lead to a 4 bight turks head.  I doubled the black, and then traced the red in through.  The red is all one strand traced through.  I wanted some kind of blade cover, mostly just in case my son or dogs get into the knot tools.  All I did was triple over a stiff piece of cardboard, straight whip it and then tie a 4 lead by 3 bight turks head at each end. The blade cover probably won't last forever, but is functional.  There is a string led from the blade cover so I can tie it off as an additional safety.  I left the handle end eye opening.  Perhaps I'll get to tying a lanyard for it at some point.

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