Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oar Hitching

We have an inflatable dinghy that we use for our boat.  The aluminum handles of the oars are often cold and uncomfortable to grip.  In order to improve the grip and the look of my otherwise un-stylish aluminum handled oars, I added zig-zag "running" cockscombing or ring bolt hitching.  This is very simple to do.  Lash three strands to the shaft, hitch all of them in one direction, and then hitch them in the opposite direct.  Simply repeat until the desired length is covered.  The ends of the hitching are covered with 3 lead by 4 bight turks heads.  I can now row my dingy with a much better and more comfortable grip.  We'll have to see how the color holds up in the sun and elements.  The hitching shown is on page 64 of the The Marlinspike Sailor by Hervey Garrett Smith.  The turks head can be found here or in most any knot book.

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