Friday, September 7, 2012

Paracord Gaucho Belt Loop

With summer winding down I've finally found some time to sit down and think about knots again.  I managed to lose some weight this summer, enough that I was having trouble keeping my pants up with my old belt.  I found this Bison Designs Last Chance belt at a local department store. It's been a good belt and I like the fact it is adjustable.  However, with my 36 inch waist there is quite a bit of extra belt sticking out of the buckle with the size large.  In order to help retain that extra material, I gutted some paracord and tied a gaucho knot around the belt. Right now it's a bit snug.  I left the ends slightly long and have them tucked in under the knot to allow for adjustment.  I also anticipate that the knot might shrink a bit if it happens to get wet.  Paracord is made of nylon, and it is common for nylon to shrink when it gets wet.  It would be a good idea to preshrink paracord for a project like this so it doesn't shrink more than desired.


smet337 said...

Hello Ethan,Great job!!Have 2 questions for you.(1)When you talk about preshrinking how do you go about that,I'am assuming just getting wet?(2)How do you terminate your cord,glue,sewing,etc.?Thank you for your time and always looking forward to what is next.Scot

curchin said...

When I have shrunk cord in the past, I have always just soaked it in water for a half hour or so and then hung it out to dry. Looking at some websites, some folks recommend putting the cord in the dryer after soaking the cord. I would be concerned about ending up with a tangled mess using a dryer.

For the ends, on this project I ended up melting the ends and carefully sticking them to the back of the knot. Thanks for stopping by.

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