Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spanish Ring Zippo

This is a Zippo lighter that a friend gave me a while back for being in his wedding.  I had previously tied a simple 3 lead turks head around it, but I wanted to try something a little different.  This knot is a Spanish Ring Knot that originated from a 3 lead by 5 bight turks head.  The tying process and construction is very similar to a  gaucho knot, but the knot is not as wide.  I've tried tying Spanish Ring Knot's it the past, and I personally find it easy to get a little lost if you don't pay careful attention to where you are within the tying process.  As with most knots, it gets easier with patience, practice and a basic understanding of the knot's construction.  The rectangular shape of the Zippo does make the knot bulge a slightly at the corners.  The Spanish Ring Knot is probably better suited for a round surface. Instructions for tying a Spanish Ring Knot can be found here or here .

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