Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walking Stick with 3 Bight Turks Heads

It has been a busy month and my knot tying has suffered quite a bit.  I got sucked in to a website build which took much of my free. I hope to get back on track with a book I just purchased, The Complete Book of Decorative Knots by Geoffery Budworth.  Mr. Budworth  cofounder the International Guild of Knot Tyers and is responsible for correcting the Ashley Book of Knots, the standard to which all other knot books are held.  So far it has been a very interesting book. There is a good section about tying technique in the beginning of the book which is something that is often over looked in other knot books.  I haven't found it to be perfect though.  The second over/under sequence for the 16 lead by 3 bight turks head was off, which threw me for a loop for a while.  The illustrations are very good, and I think it would make a decent book for any one just starting out, and will also have some good ideas for the experienced as well.

The actual project is a walking stick covered in two turks heads.  When I first got back into knotting I tried selling a few walking sticks on Etsy.  It didn't work out so well.  Etsy is something you need to treat as a business to be successful and I just wanted to do my hobby.  I do enjoy collecting the sticks, stripping them, sanding them, finishing them and then tying the knots, but after all that you have to be willing to make minimum wage if you sell them.  In the end I enjoy giving them away to friends so I still make one or two every once in a while.  The stick itself is made of oak with an oil finish.  The larger knot is a 16 lead by 3 bight turks head and the second knot is a 2 lead by 3 bight turks head, both taken from Mr. Budworth's book.  If you are interested in tying large 3 bight turks heads but don't want to spend the $15 on the book, you can find good tutorials on Stormdrane's YouTube channel and one prepared by the late Bud Brewer on the Knot Heads World Wide website.  The wrist lanyard is a leather boot lace ended with a two strand Matthew Walker Knot.

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