Sunday, March 27, 2011

Umbrella Handle

This is a cane shaped umbrella handle that I covered using a method directly from the "The Monkey's Fist and other Knot Coverings" chapter of the Ashley Book of knots.  To do this knot, I took six strands and wrapped them in a helix around the handle, lashing the strands to the handle at the knot ends.  Then using the pattern from Ashley, I created the basic knot to create the end covering.  From there the turks head pattern is created by weaving through the helix with the stands.  This method is also covered in the "Turks Head" section of Ashley.  At the base of the umbrella the strands are walled and brought back through to create a second pass on the knot.  Because of the corner on the cane shape, the crosses are closed on the inside of the curve and open on the outside of the curve.  All twelve strands were cut and tucked to finish the knot.


Avocet Jules said...

Good work! Really neat you should be really proud - I think it's great!


curchin said...

Thanks Julie!

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