Sunday, April 3, 2011

Turks Head Coffee Cup

This is my coffee travel mug that I covered with a 9L x 8B turks head a couple years ago.  To make the knot, I started with a 3L x 2B turks head and then enlarged it 3 times.  When doing turks head enlargements using what ITHK calls enlargement process number 1, you pass through the knot twice each time and get 2 additional leads and 2 additional bights with each enlargement.   This method is very helpful particularly with square turks head.  I  frequently enlarge 3L x 2B turks heads and 4L x 3B turks heads to make larger knots.  The knot cannot be removed from the cup- The turks head has been through the dishwasher dozens of times and has held up very well, in fact better than the plastic parts of the cup.  Like many of my projects, I used commercial fishing heading twine purchased at Hamilton Marine for this project.

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