Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Laser Led Flashlight Herringbone Knot

This is a flashlight that I use for work.  I have both office and field demands so it is handy.  For a flashlight beam it has 8 LED lights and it also has a red laser pointer.  The light and laser are activated by alternating clicks of the switch.  Around it I tied a 14 part, 12 bight 2 pass herringbone knot.  To tie this first I tied a 7 part (lead) by 6 bight turks head in the tan color.  Then I followed the instructions in Tom Hall's "Introduction to Turk's Head Knots" to inter-weave the herringbone pattern using the black sting.  Essentially, this is two 7 lead by 6 bight turks heads interwoven into each other.  If I did it again I might make it a little wider with more leads but I don't have as much experience with herringbone weaves so I didn't quite know to expect.  That said I couldn't get too close to the end due to the battery access and I also had to avoid the switch.


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