Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Globe Turks Head Book Marker

This is a book page marker that I tied.  The knots are 5 lead by 4 bight turks heads into which I inserted a 20 millimeter wooden bead.  Since there are only 4 bights at the end of the turks head, when tightened around a round core the end closes to create a round knot.  Three and four bight turks heads can be adapted in this manner as a covering knot for many shapes.  After doubling and getting the knot relatively snug with the blue chord, I ran the black chord through.  Getting an appropriately sized round core is important for this knot.  And of course, you have to tie the knot twice at each end of the book marker.  I am currently reading the expanded version of Stephen King's "The Stand".  I hope that this book mark will be more reliable than that little scrap of paper that I kept losing.

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