Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Umbrella Handle Tying Process Photo

I found this photograph that I took of my umbrella handle project that I thought folks might find interesting.  To get to this point in the process I first taped the extreme ends of the handle with one row of adhesive tape to keep things from slipping.  Then I tied six strands around the handle at the tip of the umbrella and spiraled them around until I got to the other end and made the second constrictor.  Then the end covering was made and the lines were feed through opposite the spiral.  All six strands were worked thorough, which is about where this photo was taken.  The strands were then walled and feed back through to double the knot.  My advice on this tie would be to take ones time and fair the knot as you go.  Also, you want it to be snug, but not necessarily tight.  If you make the knot too tight it gets very difficult to snug down the subsequent passes.  The other trick in this case was to keep the knot "open" on the outside of the cane shape and closed on the "inside" of the cane.  On top of that the end sections had to be closed enough that the tape did not show.

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