Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tiller Extension 4 Bight Turks Head

This is the tiller extension/hiking stick from our sail boat.  The other week it was accidentially stepped upon and the end was broken off.  To fix it I bevel sanded the remaining pieces and epoxied them back together with a scarf joint.  Scarf joints are fairly common in wooden boat construction and when made with epoxy the joint itself is stronger than then surrounding wood.  I wasn't crazy about aesthetics of the final joint so I decided to put a covering turks head over the joint.  If my count is correct this is a 25 lead by 4 bight turks head.  It was tied as a running turks head which means it was all one piece of line.  If you are interested in tying long running turks heads, I would suggest looking at "Introduction to Turks Heads" by Tom Hall which you can find at KHWW as an E book.  Stormdrane also has an excellent video for a two bight turks head which can be found here.  The 4 bight turks head for this project was enlarged from a 2 bight turks head.

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