Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hand Saw Clip Lanyard

This is a hand saw lanyard that I made for the hand saw I use to cut walking sticks and such.  The core of the lanyard is a piece of black paracord.  Over top of the paracord I tied a 4 strand continuous or spiral crown sinnet (click spiral version in this tutorial), keeping all of the hitches going in the same direction.  While I don't consider myself much of a "crown & wall-er", I will say a crown sinnet builds quickly and looks nice.  I did make a mistake and there is a mis-stitch in the sinnet which you can see in the foreground of the picture (boo).  However, by the time I figured it out I didn't feel like taking 3 inches of sinnet apart to fix it.

Then I used this tutorial from the Pineapple Knot Forum to tie Type 1, 2 pass pineapple knots from 7Lx6B turks heads to cover the sinnet ends.  The tapered end nature of the pineapple knot makes it useful for this purpose.  

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