Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paracord Pineapple Knot Fob from a 2 Bight Turks Head

These are a couple fobs I made using pineapple knots. A pineapple knot is a turks head with another turks head interwoven within. Poking around the web it seems that when most folks tie pineapple knots they utilize a 4, 6 or 8 bight turks head as the base knot. I got to thinking that it would be easy to apply the same methodology to a 2 bight turks head. The first time I tried it I utilized some small polypro chord, but I had a tough time keeping it straight as I made the two bight turks head really long. After thinking about it I decided it would look much better if the knot was tied out of all paracord. You can see the two versions I made here, one in black/green, and the other in blue/orange. The knot at the base is a knife lanyard/lanyard knot. I also made a slide show video for the pineapple knot which is below. I am normally a proponent of making knots "snug", but if you attempt this I would suggest you make it "tight" so as to keep the ends tucked.


smet337 said...

I have tried every way possible and can not get it to work? Sorry I'am new to tying. I followed stormdranes 2 bight video so i know I'am doing that part correct. It looks to me that th orange color never cross's the top correct? any help as to what I'am doing wrong would be great. I do appreciate all that you guys do. Thanks

smet337 said...

Sorry forgot to mention it also looks like you are starting at a cross with your second color and ending with a cross? Mine I have a bight and seven cross's. Yours you start with a cross and end with a cross? Again thank you.

curchin said...

I am out of pocket this weekend. On the blog side bar there is a link to contact form. If you send me your email address I'll see what I can do to help when I get back. I can get you the original Picts and a run list which might help. Thanks, CUrchin

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