Sunday, February 26, 2012

Glass Jar Covering and Tudor Rose Plug

This is a project that I have been fiddling with on and off for quite some time. It started with a caper jar we had for a recipe. I washed it best I could and soaked off the labels. The jar is covered with an 8 strand covering knot from the Ashley Book of Knots (ABOK 2224, see reference from Google Books below). The cord that I used for this knot is "bait line" that I purchase from Hamilton Marine. This cord is really stiff. I often use this cord when I am trying something new and I really want something that stays put when I working with it. The drawback with this cord is that it is so stiff that it has some spring to it which can make it hard to tighten and it sometimes leaves undesired gaps in knots.

 To close the jar I tied a plug. The decorative knot for the plug is called a "Tudor Rose Knot" that I tied with instructions from a tutorial I found on Knot Heads World Wide. The knot for my plug has 6 strands where the tutorial only uses 5. There were a few head-scratching moments getting through the tutorial, but overall it was fairly easy to follow. Because of the stiff cord I didn't get a very good "twill" from the Matthew Walker Knot that was tied around the edges. After tying the Tudor Rose knot I crowned the remaining lines around the standing ends and tied a 6 lead by 5 bight turks head around the crowning to make the plug. It fits nice a snug in the jar. Frayed Knot arts has a very nice tutorial for tying a star knot plug which is similar and an excellent reference.

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