Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Floating Fender Style Key Fob

My most recent boat purchase came with a floating key chain which I decided to dress up with some knot work.  The polypropylene cord for this project also floats and should therefore not be a detrimental addition the the fob.  The bottom covering is an 8 strand covering knot which is shown in the Ashley Book of Knots.  This is a "boxed end" knot which wraps the bottom of the fob.  I used this knot previously in a glass jar covering post and also in my umbrella hand covering post. An excerpt from the Ashley Book of Knots showing how to tie this is included in the jar covering post. I then added a straight whip to the middle of the knot, and finally a 5 lead by 4 bight turks head to the top.

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