Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coffee Mug and Handle Wrap

I received this OXO travel mug with handle for Christmas. I really like a stainless lined travel mug and I have been interested in a "handled" mug for some time - it was a good choice. I've read about the concept of taking two turks heads and combining them into one knot at a tee. For this project, I tied a long 4 lead turks head around the cup, splitting the center of the leads around the handle. Then I ran four separate strand through the 4 lead knot and created a helix around the handle and then back weaved the knot, essentially creating a 4 bight multi-strand turks head around the handle. I could have probably used a long 4 bight turks head to give me guide to follow for the handle, but I wasn't certain how if the pattern would work and in this case it was easier for me to manage multiple strands. I had to make sure I paid careful attention to the spacing of the strands at the bend in the handle as it got really tight on the inside, similar to my umbrella handle tie a while back. The knot was then doubled, tightened and the ends were trimmed. Half and half, a little java and off we go.

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