Thursday, April 5, 2012

Turks Head Flashlight Thumb Loop

I've been reading a bit recently about tying T shaped turks heads by taking two turks heads and running a separate cord through them.  It got me thinking of other shapes and combinations I could tie using the same concept.  This is a turks head loop I tied by first tying a 7 lead by 6 bight turks head around the flashlight shown.  I then made a loop out of paracord which I temporarily cinched in place with some zip ties.  I occasionally use zip ties to hold parts of knots in place.  Zip ties are fast, convenient, and you can really crank them down. I then ran a cord through the turks head and extended two bights on opposite sides of the turks head in a pattern similar to a two bight turks head, around the piece of paracord.  There is a hidden bight tucked up against the body of the flashlight on both sides of the flashlight. The original turks head was removed on the second pass through the knot.  Adjustment and tightening was a bit tricky- Not only did the main cord need to be adjusted, but the piece of paracord required adjustment during tightening.  The transition between the 3 dimensional form of the loop and the 2 dimensional form of the side of the turks head took some care- Too tight and the whole thing would twist.  I am going to try to work out a tutorial for this IF (that's a big if) I can simplify to the point where I think it will be easy enough to follow.  Stay tuned.

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