Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Loop Lanyard using 3 Pin Spool Knotting/Knitting

This is a loop lanyard I made using a single strand sinnet tied using a technique that I understand is sometimes used in knitting.  Traditionally this kind of sinnet has been done tied with a wooden spool and nails.  There are plastic kits that can be purchased, and there are any number of home-grown spools that folks have used make this sinnet.  To tie the sinnet I made a "spool" from a short piece of 3/4" PVC pipe, electrical tape, finish nails and a zip tie to hold the pins secure at the top of the piece of pipe.  For me this spool was very inexpensive and efficient (particularly considering all of this stuff was in my garage).  I also made two more spools, one with 2 pins and one with 4 pins so I can tie different kinds of sinnets.  After tying the sinnet, I secured it to the snap with cow hitches and ran the ends back up into the sinnet and melted them in place.  To cover the melted ends and dress the knot I used a 4 lead by 3 bight turks head around each end.  You can find Stormdrane's video of 3 pin spool knotting/knitting here.  I also attached an excerpt from the Ashley Book of Knots which shows this technique along with some other sinnets that can be tied with spools.


Erik said...

Very nice work.
Do You have a picture of the spool You made?

curchin said...

I appreciate the complement. I will add a picture to this post, when I get a chance. Thanks for stopping by.

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